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Integrate your loadboards with Altek Loads and start using its powerful features to win bids, track loads and send them to factoring
The all-in-one dispatching software to cover all your needs
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Use Gmail to send emails to brokers, monitor their responses and assign shipments to drivers
Send bids to brokers
Get all location updates from your drivers and send them to automatically send them to broker
Track your loads with ease
Send loads to checkout, account for quick pays, track factoring progress and salaries
Prepare loads for factoring
Connect with drivers
Reduce all driver communications by 90% by getting their bids straight into the loadboard
Receive driver bids and locations
Apply for a demo and get pricing information for your company size
Get the best dispatch software
Altek Loads keeps you informed and in control with tracking technology. Our system ensures smooth communication between drivers and collaborating carriers. Altek Loads provides hassle-free shipping services to ensure complete peace of mind.
Enable all-inclusive visibility for brokers.
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Altek enables you to send bids with just three clicks. Receive bids from drivers, set your rate and forward them to brokers. Check your inbox for replies. Increase bid amount by up to 5 times!
View the status of each shipment and send location updates to brokers. Altek Loads provides hassle-free shipping and ensures your dispatchers earn 200% more.
Integrate your Sylectus loads and immediately match them to your fleet. Your dispatchers and drivers will only see relevant loads.
Send bids to brokers
Provide load visibility
Sylectus integration
Efficiencies for everyone in your network
Altek Loads brings efficiencies inside your business, by working with the people outside it.
Track the factoring status for each payment. Export List of Loads for your accounting needs.

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All of my orders are in 1 place and easy to see and find. Customer support team is excellent. Tons of positives in this product, to get through your work seamlessly.
Farrel Gulierm
Coltrane Logistics
Very good software in a fast paced environment when looking to dispatch partner carriers in the least amount of time. Excellent rate visibility to both customer and 3PL to help gauge where you need to be for competitiveness.
Sarah Lewin
Director of Operations
MX Logistics

Altek Digital makes my day easier. I can move around in this software with ease. Customizing any searches etc that I need. I personally recommend Altek Digital for the overall ability and functionality for the industry.
Samuel Willson
Director of Operations
One Distribution LLC
We use Altek Digital as a selling tool to our customers, the online customer portal gives customers visibility of their rates, ability to live chat, live track, download their own PODS and Bills of lading, ability to print labels and ask questions.
Alex Larkins
VP of Operations
Beech Hill Freight

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